How it all began?

A man and family with a dream

The family behind the small business

A brief history

Glenn has been working in the dog industry for over 7 years. Through his experience, he noticed the real issue people have with their dog(s) is they need help in their own environment on how to improve their relationship with their pack. Due to his love of dogs and commitment to wanting to help people and their relationships, he set out on taking a risk for his family and beginning his own business full-time in 2022. Glenn specializes in creating a behavior plan to help you and your family with any issues and how to help improve your relationship with your dog.

Glenn also believes that helping a dog is not something you do on your own but with the help of the pack. This is why when he comes into your home, he will involve the whole family. Also, if a dog comes to stay and work at his home, they will have the benefit of training with his whole pack (people and dogs alike).

Where we are today?

We are constantly growing business and have been so thankful for the amount of calls and support we have received. We are becoming one of the most well-known trainers in our area!

Meet the Pack


Founder and owner, dog trainer


Wife and lady behind the scenes


Our spunky and loving 2 year old dog trainer in the making.

Lucy the dog who started my journey!


10 year old Beagle


6 year old Boston Terrier