We believe at Anderson Pack Dog Training the behavior begins in the home. We want to come and help you in your own home to help you improve your relationship with your dog!

Time Commitment: Each consultation usually lasts for about 1-2 hours.

Services/Teaching Philosophy: I DO, WE DO, YOU DO!!!

Our big philosophy at Anderson Pack Dog Training is we believe it is our job to teach you on how to train your dog(s). We follow a format in which we do 3 lessons and we call it “I do, We do, You do”. The 3 formats are always happening, but we like to individually name each consultation at Anderson Pack Dog Training.


The first consultation is the “I do” in which the owner describes the problems or concerns they have and we come up with a solution. During the “I do” consultation, the owner watches as the trainer shows them how to help deal with the problem or concern they are having. For homework, the owner is encouraged to film themselves practicing what the trainer did with them and call or text Anderson Pack Dog Training if more help is needed. The videos of the owner practicing training must be done before the next consultation happens to ensure the owner is participating in the training. During the first consultation, it is encouraged that the owner takes notes as well. Your Trainer will also provide you with a follow-up of what you worked on that day.


The second consultation is the “We do” and the owner and trainer are working together the entire time on how to fix the problem or concern that they are dealing with. The expectation remains that the owner films themselves after the second consultation as well as reaches out to the trainer through a phone call, text, or email as needed. We tell all of our clients we will be the trainer of the entire life of your dog(s). That means we are always here to answer questions that you may have after the lesson.


Finally, in the last consultation, the owner does all of what the trainer showed them, and the trainer watches and offers tips to help improve training. As many owners know, it is our job to show you how to train your dog.


Consultations begin at $200.00. The 2nd consultation is discounted at $190 and the third consultation is discounted at $180. Owners must sign a contract before working with Anderson Pack Dog Training.

1st Consultation (“I do”): $200- includes follow up notes

2nd Consultation (“We do”): $190- includes follow up notes and one zoom consult

3rd Consultation (“You do”): $180- includes follow up notes and 2 zoom consults


Consultations are discounted if paid in full for the "I do, you do, we do" consultation model.

Discounted cost for three Consultations paid in full: $500.00 ($70.00 saved)

QUESTIONS? Call or text for more information 224-567-3452