Day Training

We focus on one issue for the day and your dog gets to go home to you exhausted!

Time Commitment: Maximum of 8 hours at Anderson Pack Dog Training Homebase

Day Training Services:

Day Training involves a day in which the dog works with Anderson Pack Dog Training at our homebase. In one day the dog is not going to be fully trained, but it does help provide a foundation for the owner to practice. The owner may pick one of the following to focus on for the day. The dog works on a specific issue or concern that the owner has requested. The dog will only stay with us for a maximum of 8 hours and then will need to be picked up by the owner. The contract will need to be signed and completed before services are provided. Owner is responsible for setting up time and day for this to be completed.

Day Train Focuses include but are not limited to:

  • Potty Training taught using positive reinforcement

  • Kennel Training taught using positive reinforcement

  • LLW Training (Loose Leash Walking)

  • Basic O Training (Sit, Down, Stay, Come, Leave it) taught using Positive Reinforcement

  • Place or Go to Bed


$300 per Day Training

Price Includes:

  • Training

  • Minimum 1 hour long walk (weather permitting)

  • Follow-up notes

  • Video of training (e-mailed within a week for owner to review and ask questions)

QUESTIONS? Call or text for more information 224-567-3452